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National Counselor Examination Preparation Services
About Me

If you are reading this, chances are you are prepping for the National Counselor Exam (NCE) and your mind is blown! Your classmates and peers have probably told you horror stories about how hard the test is and how passing on the first attempt is a rarity.  Welp, sorry folks but as a matter of fact, it IS rare! 

So after dropping the big bucks to register for the exam, you get on social media and ask around about which study guide is best to use. After a lot of conflicting suggestions, you decided to buy the 2 most popular study guides and a month long subscription to study online. 


You feel good about your purchases because you just know with all of this stuff to help you study, you will CERTAINLY pass the NCE!  But as you start to study, you realize you are COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY OVERWHELMED!  All the pages are starting to run together and now between the NCE registration and study material, you've spent a cool $500! You have worried yourself sick, alienated your friends and family to study, and ultimately realized....

I nailed it, right? I know. See, the thing is, test taker after test taker has struggled with some of these same issues and because they never learned how to prepare (not just study), they found themselves in the majority of test takers that were forced to take the test again.  They assume the bigger the study guide the better so they trust that is all they need to pass!  Let me fill you in on something:  most study guides are filled with a lot of information that won't ever be asked on the exam!   Bigger is most certainly NOT better here.  


But guess what, that doesn't have to be YOUR story!  I will work with you in interactive webinars and hold you accountable during individual sessions to make sure you are well prepared.  I help you cut through the useless pages of outdated material you purchased because you thought it was the best thing on the market. If your schedule doesn't permit meeting via chat or webinar, don't fret!  My self-paced courses were designed just for you! At the end of the day, this NCE process costs a lot of money!  Not just the exam fee, but without passing, many test takers are unable to obtain state licensure or get a promotion after achieving NCC status.  So yeah, you got a lot riding on this, but lucky for you, I'm VERY good at what I do.

The NCE is too expensive to fail

Statistics Suggest You Won't Pass The First Time!

how i can help

How we help

Self-Paced Courses


Best of the Best

This course is the upgrade from the study guide. This course is packed with over 80 hours of content for you to review and watch! You get the amazing study guide to help you structure your study sessions over 6 or 8 weeks PLUS you get practice exams, 6 videos covering the essential information on the new domains, and powerful tips on deciphering questions and maintaining your cool on test day.


Researching and Writing

Study Guide

This course is perfect for those who want to get the 'nuts and bolts' of what to study while using the study material they already have. I have created 32 study sessions, designed to be studied over 6 to 8 weeks that will cover all of the pertinent information you will need to pass the National Counselor Exam.  You also have 6 videos to review that covers the essential information from the new domains.


How it works


Acknowledge the fact that this test is a BIG deal and you cannot afford to take it over.


Select how you would like to receive tutoring services from my 3 options.


We create a custom study plan for you so you can prepare with purpose and determination.


After you prepared with me and followed your study plan, celebrate passing because you have earned it!


different test prep - different results

So why are you hesitating?

"Raysha, are you able to tutor me one on one?"

Honey no!  I love working 1-on-1 but I realized I wasn't able to help everyone and grow my private practice at the same time.  That's why I created these courses.  All of my research in a self-paced option for you to use as your time permits. With that, I'm always here to answer questions you have about topics that just seem tricky.  Email me anytime!

"Raysha, is your course content up to date?"

Is fat meat greasy???  OF COURSE! In both courses you have comprehensive study material that covers the NCE Outline provided by the NBCC with the most up to date content and changes published by the NBCC.  These courses will walk you through each of the eight CACREP content areas as well as the six test domains. You'll have videos that are engaging and informational. Recent DSM 5-TR changes have been added as well. The majority of the NCE is content that does NOT expire (hello, the founder of psychoanalytics isn't ever going to change) so rest easy we will prepare you with the foundations that won't change and prep you for any major changes announced by the NBCC or in the counseling community.

"Raysha, how long do I have access to the courses?"

90 days.  If you are studying for the NCE longer than 90 days, you are doing it wrong--trust me.  If you are diligently preparing for the exam, you are devoting roughly 10 hours a week to dedicated study time.  Those 10 hours are taking you away from your family, your free time, your school work, your life.  So if you stretch that over 3, 4, 5 months, you start to resent the exam and preparing for it.  That resentment turns into lack luster study efforts which then turns into super duper anxiety on test day because you suddenly realize you haven't prepared as thoroughly as you could have.  That anxiety shifts to shame and that is NOT an emotion you need to try to process in the middle of this exam.  So that then turns into the exam looking foreign and unfortunately many times a failed result.  So there's some logic behind the 90 day access.  Use your days wisely and don't purchase the courses unless you are ready to study!

"Raysha, can I download the videos or PDFs in the courses?"

Nope! That's why they are in a course format.  Listen, it may sound kinda lame and I get it, but people don't respect copyright laws and regulations.  Periodt.  So to prevent any more of my work from being plagiarized, I decided the best way to continue helping the masses is to put my hours of research into an easy to use format found in the courses.  Now, if you feel like you want to really get the most out of your learning, by all means, hand write anything you find in the courses.  That's actually encouraged! Any way you get the most out of your learning is what I want for you!

"Raysha, I hear what you're saying and all but I don't have that kind of money."

You don't have what kind of money?  You can buy 1,000 page study books and cds but you can't skip a few lattes to invest in a tutorial on how to actually prepare for the exam?  I mean hey, I'm not here to tell you what to do with your money; not my roll in your life.  What I will do is tell you I have seen student after student buy several hundred dollars of testing material and study time on a study site only to fail miserably because they were simply overwhelmed with all the material.  But hey Chuck who rides bucks, it's up to you!

"Raysha, don't be rude.  I really don't have the money or the time to do the half day webinars."

I'm not being rude, I'm being real!  This exam is real and if you aren't preparing for it in a real way that's intentional and with purpose, you will most likely be a statistic.  It doesn't matter if you study with me or with the latest study books, if you aren't preparing on purpose WITH a purpose, your studies will bear little fruit.  Passing this exam is your promotion to licensure status or certified NCC status.  Most promotions aren't given out without some sacrifice.

"Raysha, I need your help and I'm willing to put in the time and money. Do I have to throw away my other study stuff now that I'm working with you to create a study plan?"

Honey no!  I have access to many of the latest study tools on the market so after attending a webinar or tutoring session, you'll come away with a plan to use what you have to study the material that's relevant.

"Raysha, what's the difference in the 'Best of the Best' course and the 3 hour webinar?"

The most obvious difference is the time. There's only so much we can cover in 3 hours that's still a good value to you.  As you'll see, the 4 hour webinar is the most comprehensive and interactive. Both webinars are live and allow you to interact with me and the others on the webinar and there's plenty of time to ask questions.  Here's what you can expect in both options:















"Raysha, does your plan require me to read every page in the study guides I have?"

Nope! In fact, that was a huge factor in deciding to start my tutoring services because there are so many resources out there and many of these are great....but the majority of test takers won't spend the time to read the 800+ pages of reference material.  That's just the reality!  Many are parents, some single parents, or working their full time jobs while in school and practicum.  Ain't nobody got time for that!!  I've condensed the material into digestible nuggets that ANYONE can study without being overwhelmed.  My webinars are comprehensive and very thorough and you will leave with a plan in place, study tips for your particular learning style, specific areas from the 8 domains that you should focus the bulk of your study time on, and a mindset that's prepped for success.  You won't find that in a manual; you only find that with me.  I care about your success and I care about my profession.  This isn't an attempt to make me rich, in fact, I got to calculating how much I should charge for this to compensate me for the time it took to prepare the materials.  I figured $87,298 was out of most people's budget but seriously, if I charged my hourly rate for all the time, energy, and lost sleep I invested in creating a tool to better help budding therapists, it would never sale and then I wouldn't be doing anything to further our profession and establish counselors, all over the world, as necessary and effective helping professionals.

"Raysha, what is your 'pass rate' for the people you've helped with the NCE?"

Dunno.  I wish I could tell you how many people have passed of the 100+ that I've worked with but that's simply not possible.  I have test takers that call me as they are leaving the testing site with their test results and I have others that I've emailed to follow up with about their results and they simply never reply.  I always assumed those were the ones that failed, however I've later seen those same people on social media shouting from their electronic device that they passed.  So as with my therapeutic clients, I don't always know how my services affected them.  And I've learned to be okay with that--I'm grateful to have been a part of the person's journey during that season of their lives.

Best of the Best Course

  • Self-paced learning at its best

  • overview of NCE format and what the test is to accomplish

  • comprehensive practice exams to determine domain weaknesses

  • Engaging videos explaining the essentials of the 6 New NCE Domains

  • Thorough study points for all 8 CACREP content domains 

  • Over 25 videos for you to watch on confusing domain content

  • Detailed 8 week study guide that tells you what to study each day

  • insider tips on exam language and question types

3 Hour Webinar

  • Live, interactive community of peers

  • overview of NCE format and what the test is to accomplish

  • comprehensive practice exam to determine domain weaknesses

  • review of the 8 CACREP content domains and areas to study

  • insider tips on exam language and question types

  • process the NCE preparation experience and release some of the anxiety associated with the exam

  • learning styles are determined to help better study for the NCE

  • study tips and anxiety-reducing techniques unique to the NCE

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